• Kristian Mudd


Demas has deserted me because he loves the things of this life and has gone to Thessalonica. Crescens has gone to Galatia, and Titus has gone to Dalmatia” 2 Timothy 4:10, NLT.

When you walk and live in the purpose and grace God has given you, it will produce glory, which is God’s manifested goodness and power in your life. As much as it hurts, you may have to leave some people behind. It doesn’t mean you are better than anyone; you are simply letting nothing stop you from going where God is taking you. Everyone doesn’t want to go with you, Moses. Maybe the two of you were great friends back when you were both slaves in Egypt, but God’s glory and goodness in your life has a way of revealing true motives and true friends. Don’t be surprised when people you thought were your friends no longer want to have anything to do with you. Don’t be surprised when people bring up your past to resurrect old demons you buried long ago. Don’t be surprised when people start coming against you for no apparent reason. Don’t be surprised when they desert you. Pray that God helps you not take it personally. Handle it with class and keep on walking in His purpose. Walking in the glory of God will make you feel alone, but God is with you. He wants you to be a living, breathing full expression of Him. He has given you the grace and strength to handle anything that comes your way.

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