• Kristian Mudd

Until the clouds pass

The LORD has remembered us; he will bless us…” Psalms 115:12, ESV

Sometimes I can’t see the sun because clouds are blocking my view. Because of the clouds, I can’t feel the sun’s warmth on my face or see it’s beautiful light. So, what do I do? I close my eyes and remember how the sun felt until the clouds pass.

We all experience times in our lives when we know God loves us and we know He never leaves us, but we don’t feel His love, we don’t feel His warmth, or His face shining upon us. Because of the storms of life, we can feel as though we’ve fallen out of favor with God.

Just like the sun God spoke into being, His light is constant because He is light, and the degree of His affection for us remains intense whether we can feel it or not. As His children, we have favor with Him through Jesus always. Clouds may be blocking our view, but that is when we have to trust in what we know rather than how we feel.

Do not allow a temporary situation to cause you to question God’s eternal love for you. You will experience Him smiling upon you, and you will walk in His favor again. Close your eyes and remember His warmth and goodness until the clouds pass.

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